Friday, February 3, 2012

frequency moderation ...

i know FM really stands for "frequency modulation" , but i have been thinking a lot about how to moderate the frequency of my posts . since this is new to me , and since i don't want to force "content" , i am a bit flummoxed by this process . and i like the play on words .

should i post something everyday ? do i really have something that important and mind blowing to share everyday ? most likely not . i might find that i am just stretching out what should be a facebook status update into a blog post . for example , this post could have been "i am thinking about how often to post updates to my blog ..." on facebook . it would be done and over with . period end of sentence . except, i typically end my status updates with an ellipsis , so it would be ellipsis end of sentence in this case .

should i set a specific day to post updates ? that means there's a commitment . yikes ! commitment ! run ! specific updates could set me up for failure based on the pressure to perform on command . i would have to get something up on a particular day , otherwise i am not meeting obligations . it would be like being in a relationship and dealing with sex . when the pressure is on , or when it becomes an obligation , i want nothing of it . but i could do what i typically do in relationships ... and cheat ... you know , find another blog to post on . or i could pretend that we just met at the eagle , and that your swarthy good looks and your pecs are h -o- t hot and would look great in my 'room-and-board' metal bed . then , i'd be all good for a quick posting .

should i post only when it tickles my fancy ? oh no ... now i am thinking about my fancy ? what is ones fancy and how does it get tickled? i must have skipped school the day they reviewed that in biology . that could be a post in and of itself , which i once saw written as "inaovenself" by some fucktard .

should i post pictures ? fritzy , as an example ; should i have posted one of him ? should i post ones of victor , my current doggy ? should i post one of my poodle -- oh wait -- i am not creating that kind of blog . and , ewww , gross ... i just called it my poodle . that's just gross . it's not a poodle . it's my ... never mind . i have to stop .

should i post old crap ? i have a lot of other stories (or essays , thoughts , musings , or whatever you want to call them ) that i have written ; however, posting those seems like cheating and feels like the easy way out . but at the same time , they are interesting and help explain what makes me , well , me . which makes me think if that is what i really hope to accomplish : explaining what makes me me ....

i could use this blog as a forum to share deep , meaningful , and thought provoking content ? like my newly found sobriety and the intricacies of navigating life through that filter , my struggles with growing up gay in a straight man's world , my views on childhood obesity , war , peace , or how i feel sorry for toddlers in tiaras . should i expose myself in ways i haven't already done , or talk about the ways i already have ?

maybe i'll start by posting some "old" stuff , but indicate when it was first pulled out of my brain in order to be fully honest and transparent . those who have already read them will be reminded of my brilliance (or stupidity) and those who haven't , will marvel at the same .

that's what i will do . sunday night postings at a minimum , a mix of previous work with new work , and other postings as the need (or inspiration) strikes ... ellipsis end of sentence .


  1. Post your blog when you feel the muse. If she (or he) doesn't strike for awhile then don't post. Your instinct will guide you.
    As for posting older thoughts I think that the majority of people won't know the difference as long as the content doesn't indicate that it was written in times gone by.
    I for one enjoy the stories and will check back for new ones periodically.

  2. "should i post something everyday?" No - remember, "it costs money."

    "should i set a specific day to post updates" That sounds a bit... Republican.

    "should i post pictures?" Definitely - we are a visually-motivated species.

    "should i post old crap?" Yes. Crap, like wine and cheese, gets better with age.