Monday, June 4, 2012

return from the wild ...

As many of you know, I went on an extended backpacking excursion with Kirk. I spoke of this in a few different posts, "writer's block ... or maybe not" and "lions, tigers, and bears ... oh my!"

We have returned and I am ready to regale you with stories of our challenge: the fun, the overcome fears, the laughs, the tears, the pitfalls, the aches and pains, the teamwork, the effort, the mileage, the scenery, and the intricacies of taking an extended "walk in the woods."

It was an amazing journey and an awesome vacation, unlike any I have had. Not only did I get to experience some of the most beautiful aspects of nature, but I was also able to meet the three objectives that I set out to accomplish: push my physically, mentally, and spiritually.

And we actually did it. We set a goal -- a lofty one at that -- and we accomplished it. We also had several different mini-vacation moments within the vacation.

One of the most interesting aspects of this trip was seeing how our planning played out in action. Did we pack enough? Did we pack too much? Could we actually achieve the daily mileage objectives? Could we carry those backpacks for an extended period? Would we use up all of our fuel before we were done? Would we keep our wits about us if we encountered bears or snakes? Would we end up hating each other by the end of the trip?

It was great to come home yesterday to New York City, hug and squeeze my pooch Victor, sleep in my own bed, and wake up in my own apartment. But ... the hiking bug has bitten and I am already thinking about the next trip. I miss the sounds of rushing water, the free and gentle bird songs filling the air, the wind that whispers through the leaves, and the smell of the earth in all its glory.

Details will be revealed in upcoming posts this week and next week, with lots of great photos of the journey.


  1. Well said Holmes! Myself being Watson.

  2. I should have given you the book How to Shit in the Woods when you were here. Oh, right, you were done with the trip when you visited. Anyway, if I did not have to join/set up other accounts to be a Joiner, I would join!!! your blogosphere.